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We offer complete breast care services with compassion and personalized care which every patient deserves.

Unparalleled patient care, compassion and personalized treatment, is what you will experience at the Breast Center of Irvine. We offer the full-spectrum of breast care services, along with the leading-edge technology and progressive treatment options. Our renowned physicians and dedicated team of medical experts work together to provide exceptional patient care and treatment within the comfortable surroundings of our top-rated private medical center.

The Breast Center of Irvine is your resource for comprehensive, individualized, breast care. Whether you need to schedule your annual mammogram, request a second opinion or explore your treatment options-we are here to help. Our team of highly-skilled doctors and technologists work with the most advanced technology available to deliver quality medical care that ranks among the best in the region.

We recognize that each patient is unique and are committed to providing individualized care and exceptional service. Our conveniently located private center offers a warm, pleasant environment with medical professionals who make patient comfort, guidance and support their top priorities. This patient centered approach shapes every decision we make and influences all that we do.

Our talented team of physicians is relentless in their ongoing pursuit of advancing medical treatment through research and education. Working with leading-edge technology, these dedicated individuals continuously seek innovative ways to redefine medicine and therapies. The breadth and depth of their knowledge has proven invaluable in our success at winning the battle against cancer.

The Breast Center of Irvine is focused on your individual needs and staffed by a medical team recognized as the best in their respective fields. We’re here to provide you with the highest quality of care and service in a pleasant, welcoming environment.

If you wish to schedule an appointment, you may reach our team at 949.502.3489 or via email at info@kskmedical.org. We look forward to your next appointment.


Kenneth M. Tokita, M.D.
Medical Director


Breast Center of Irvine provides leading-edge diagnostic imaging for women’s breast health in a private, comforting environment. We are conveniently located between the 5 and 405 freeways with ample free parking to provide easy access to our state-of-the-art facility.


The Breast Center of Irvine has received ACR accreditation, which signifies that the breast center has undergone a rigorous review by the American College of Radiology to ensure it meets national accepted standards of care. Accreditation is awarded for the achievement of high-practice standards by board certified physicians and medical physicists who are experts in their fields. This accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality care and patient safety.


The Breast Center of Irvine is equipped with leading-edge technology and we are committed to offering the most current advances in patient screening and treatment. We provide 3D tomosynthesis mammography with computer-aided detection, breast ultrasound and vacuum assisted biopsy. In addition to these modalities for breast cancer screening, we offer osteoporosis screening. Our breast health services are extensive however our goal is simple—we are here to provide exceptional service and care tailored to meet each patient’s breast health needs.


Our approach is one of science and art: State-of-the-art clinical technique, combined with compassionate, individualized patient care that is focused on the whole person, body and mind. From routine screening and diagnosis through treatment, recovery and beyond, the breast health experts at the Breast Center of Irvine provides comprehensive care in a collaborative manner.

We believe this integrated, multi-disciplinary approach benefits our patients—giving them access to leading-edge technology and treatment, along with the highest quality of personalized care from our top-ranked medical team, all within the comfortable surroundings of our private center.


The professionals at the Breast Center value care of the highest quality and rank among the best in the region. Our physicians, radiologists, technologists, oncologists and surgeons work together as a collaborative team providing a comprehensive approach to patient care and treatment. Patients not only benefit from the expertise of these individual specialists, but also from our collective experience in treating cancer for more than 30 years.

Our highly-skilled team is passionate about what they do and relentless in their pursuit to advance medical treatments through research and education. Working with leading-edge technology, these dedicated individuals constantly seek innovative ways to redefine medicine and therapies. Their knowledge and expertise has proven invaluable in our success at winning the battle against cancer.

Karen Reuss, M.D.

Dr Karen Reuss KSK Breast Center

Accomplished with more than 25 years of radiology training and experience, Karen Reuss, M.D. is Director of Imaging Services at the Breast Center of Irvine and is a board-certified with the American Board of Radiology.  Her specialty in breast imaging includes mammography, ultrasound, MRI, and interventional procedures.  She is an expert in ultrasound guided biopsies of the breast to diagnose malignant and benign diseases of the breast.

Dr. Reuss graduated Magna Cum Laude from State University of New York at Albany with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.  She completed her medical doctorate at the State University of New York (SUNY), Syracuse School of Medicine.  She went on to complete her residency at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Michigan and Body Imaging fellowship at the University of California, Irvine. Prior to joining our team, she was Director of Imaging at South Coast Medical Center, Women’s Imaging Specialist at Newport Diagnostic Center, and Director of the Breast Program at Mission Hospital.  Under Dr. Reuss’s leadership, she performs diagnostic interpretations, interventional biopsies and procedures, and heads the strategic and operational aspects of KSK Breast Center.

Dr. Reuss is a member of the Orange County Radiology Society, American Roentgen Ray Society, Radiological Society of North America, American Medical Association, and the Women’s Medical Society of New York State.  She is also a volunteer firefighter, first responder, member of the Mission Hospital foundation, large animal rescue team for Orange County, Las Vaqueras riding group in Orange County, and is a member of Pet Project of Dana Point.


Our medical center, equipped with leading-edge technology, is committed to offering the most current advances in patient screening and treatment.

Breast Biopsy Procedures

A breast biopsy is a simple procedure that involves sampling tissue from an area of concern within the breast. As an alternative to open surgical biopsy, the Breast Center offers minimally invasive breast biopsy procedures performed with ultrasound or mammographic guidance. We use a special vacuum-assisted needle to obtain multiple tissue samples through one small skin incision. One of three imaging methods is employed—stereotactic biopsy, ultrasound biopsy or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Bone Densitometry (DXA SCAN)

Bone density scanning, also called dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) or bone densitometry, is an enhanced form of x-ray technology that is used to measure bone loss. DXA is today’s established standard for measuring bone mineral density (BMD).

DXA is most often performed on the lower spine and hips. In children and some adults, the whole body is sometimes scanned. Peripheral devices that use x-ray or ultrasound are sometimes used to screen for low bone mass. In some communities, a CT scan with special software can also be used to diagnose or monitor low bone mass (QCT). This provides an accurate reading but is less commonly used than DXA scanning.

DXA scans are used to diagnose osteoporosis before fractures occur, predict the chances of future bone fractures, determine the rate of bone loss and monitor the effects of bone replacement therapy.

Breast Ultrasound

High-resolution breast ultrasound is used to provide a more definitive diagnosis in conjunction with mammography. Sonography is directed to areas of mammographic abnormality or symptomatic areas of the breast. Ultrasound is also used to differentiate cysts from solid masses and can be used to guide breast biopsies. In addition, breast ultrasound is often used in place of mammography for women who are pregnant or under the traditional screening age in order to minimize exposure to radiation.

Stereotactic biopsy use 3D tomosynthesis mammographic images to accurately locate breast abnormalities. This technique is most frequently used for biopsy of calcifications or lesions that are apparent on the mammogram, but not on the ultrasound. The procedure requires local anesthesia and only low-dose radiation.

Ultrasound biopsies use high-frequency sound waves to create detailed breast tissue images.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a specialized imaging magnet to create a high-resolution image using microscopic chemical and physical information about breast tissue molecules.

Computer-Aided Detection (CAD)

The Breast Center of Irvine also uses the CAD R2 Image Checker, a computer-aided detection system for mammography. R2 Image Checker is the first CAD application designed for 3D tomosynthesis mammography and assists our physicians by providing a “second read” on every mammogram. The R2 Image Checker identifies areas detected by the computer algorithm that may require further evaluation by our radiologist, significantly improving early detection and survival rates.

3D Tomosynthesis Mammography

Annual screening mammography remains the only scientifically proven life saving imaging modality for the detection of breast cancer, reducing breast cancer mortality up to 40%. At the Breast Center of Irvine, we perform 3D tomosynthesis mammography studies, which decrease radiation exposure by up to 40% over standard mammography. 3D tomosynthesis mammography provides immediate images without film and enhances the ability to make a complete and accurate diagnosis. It gives our physicians the ability to change contrast, adjust brightness, and zoom in to help pinpoint abnormalities that might not otherwise be seen, including those that are very small. In addition, the use of 3D tomosynthesis mammography often results in the reduction of retakes.

3D tomosynthesis mammography takes multiple images of breast tissue, similar to pages of a book to create a 3D picture of the breast. These multiple images of the breast tissue give physicians a clearer image of breast masses. 3D tomosynthesis mammography assists making the detection breast cancer easier.

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