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If you have received a diagnosis of breast cancer, we’re here to help you. Our compassionate medical team will guide you, providing personalized care and support as we help you understand your condition and evaluate your treatment options.

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be an overwhelming experience. At the Breast Center of Irvine, we offer a compassionate, patient-centered, multi-disciplinary approach to cancer care. A patient who has been diagnosed with breast cancer may meet with all members of our medical team— radiologists, radiation oncologists, and nurses—to discuss treatment options and any other concerns that may arise. An individualized treatment program is then tailored to meet the needs of each patient.

We provide treatment for the full spectrum of breast diseases including breast care services for both benign and malignant diseases. Our center is designed to provide a smooth transition between breast diagnostics and surgical/medical intervention to radiation treatment for cases with a positive diagnosis. We are committed to providing a swift, efficient interface between screening mammography, diagnostic exams, biopsies, surgical intervention, and radiation therapy.

Patients receive complete access to our experienced team of medical experts all within the comforting environment of our private medical center. Our staff provides a wide variety of clinical and support services and coordinates all patient appointments, eliminating the need for multiple visits to various locations and scheduling conflicts.


It is normal to have difficulty coping with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Some women feel fear, anger, denial and frustration, loss of control, confusion, and grief. Others feel lonely, isolated and depressed. There are also other important issues to deal with such as self-image, future priorities, sexuality, and possible death. Although the physical effects can linger from breast cancer, the emotional trauma is often more painful and can take much longer to overcome.

As a woman with breast cancer, you may be struggling with a multitude of emotions or perhaps you just feel numb. Whatever you are experiencing, it is especially important right now to take care of your mental well-being in addition to your physical self. One of the greatest ways to heal is to feel. If you’re angry, try not to swallow it. If you need to cry, cry. If you’re excited, by all means go out and celebrate.

Many women put on their emotional armor to get through the battle of breast cancer. But once the initial treatment is over and you’re more equipped to deal with other issues, all the emotions you pushed aside to fight the cancer may come flooding back. Giving yourself the time to get over what you have gone through is essential to moving forward. Here are a few things you can do to make the recovery process easier:

Ask for help: Tell your friends and family what they can do to make things easier for you—whether it’s helping with chores around the house, listening to you when you need to talk or, simply getting you out of the house.

Join a support group: Surrounding yourself with a community of women who are going through similar experiences may validate your emotions and help you to move forward. It may help to discuss your feelings with friends and acquaintances that have had breast cancer. You may want to talk to the friend or family member who will just listen and allow you to sort out your feelings without giving any advice.

Be good to you: Indulge yourself—you deserve it. Meditate. Take a yoga class. Go shopping. Eat dessert first. Do whatever it takes to make you feel good, inside and out.

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